Bank House Fly Fishery

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Bank House Fly Fishery

Bank House is a beautifully landscaped two-acre mill pond with plenty of pools which enable anglers to stalk their fish. Jetties also provide access to islands in the water. Stocked daily with brown and rainbow triploid trout from 1lb 8oz to 20lbs, the fishery also offers luxury log cabin self-catering accommodation.

The Fishery was redesigned during the winter of 2003/04. We made pools bigger, created new deep areas, redirected water flow and made new fishing points. The result is a fishery where the trout are spread throughout the water and where you can fish in privacy from the other anglers.

One year later, the aquatic insect life had returned in force making this a great venue for the imitative angler. In 2005 we increased the base stock size to over 2.5 lbs and there will be a good number of 4 to 81b trout in all species of trout (rainbow, brown, blue, tiger and golden) along with specimen rainbows to over 20lbs. 

Bank House is full of corixa and sticklebacks so fry patterns and small beaded flies are a must in the box. The tigers lie deep, so they can see a large area of the surface. For this reason dries catch more than their fair share of them. Good dries to have are shipman’s, CDC buzzers and sedges. The water is deep close into the islands, so the trout hold in these margins.

Buzzers or nymphs fished ultra slow on a floating line is a banker rainbow tactic. In the cold oxygen rich water of March and April the trout will give a great account of themselves. The blue trout are aerobatic and hard fighting and there will be plenty of specimens, so don’t fish too lightly. See if you can catch all four species in one visit. Before you visit, call Jan or David to reserve a place, as they limit the numbers of anglers on the water.


Rainbow Trout: 23 lbs 4oz Caught by Dave Morris from Lancaster

Brown Trout: l6lbs 8oz Caught by Ian Barker from Chorley

Tiger Trout: l0lbs 5oz Caught by Anthony Marsh from Preston

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